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NCI works with groups and organisations in various music and art projects. Our projects include:

NCI’s participation in the Davis’s play at the Chambers of the Dublin City Hall, April 2014.

In 2015, NCI did the unprecedented, ran a William Butler Yeats play with Nigeria cast. This was NCI’s 1st Production of W.B Yeats’ The Only Jealousy Of Emer, a Dublin City Arts Office This play was originally produced and staged on the Tenement Museum Site on Henrietta Street, Dublin, by NCI, as part of the 2015 International Literature Festival, Dublin and supported by Yeats 2015. Audiences followed the production into different studios and were made to feel like part of the production.

In this timeless picture are the members of our Nigerian cast: Oluwayomi Abiodun Ogunyemi (played Bricriu – ghost of Cuchulainn), Yemi Adenuga (played Emer the Queen), Deji Adenuga (played Cuchulainn), Penelope Chieme Anyaji Aniuzu (played Eithne Inguba the mistress) and Esosa Ighodaro (played woman of the Sidhe). Our brilliant crew are: Mathew Tullich (our brilliant volunteer coordinator), Ray Yeates (our super director and visioner), Marie Tierney (our multi-talented production manager), Conleth White (our creative lighting designer), Jackie Dwyer (our fantastic stage manager), Sally Casey, Gearoid Nash (our production assistants), Pat McGrath (our mask designer) and Liz Roche (our choreographer).

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NCI’s 2nd Production of W.B Yeats’ The Only Jealousy Of Emer, a Dublin City Arts Office The production was recreated in The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin, on 17th April 2017 with the original Nigerian cast, as part of the Cúchulainn Cycle of five plays about the life and death of the mythic Irish hero, The Only Jealousy of Emercontinues Yeats’ experiments with Japanese Noh theatre as a way of bringing the stage demons, ghosts and supernatural events. The lay was designed by Robert Ballagh and directed by Ray Yeates. 

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