Do you live outside Ireland and would love to participate in this year’s NCI  CULTUREFEST Dublin?

Why not book your holiday for this August and come enjoy a fun-filled holiday this summer.

Be part of the Ultimate Carnival experience for one whole week by becoming a participant at NCI’s CULTUREFEST Dublin, from 6th – 12th August 2018.


We may be able to recommend and assist you with a number of things like:

  • Accommodation
  • Feeding
  • Ground Transport
  • Souvenirs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Guided Tour of Irish points of interest
  • Invitation letter to participate at NCI
  • NCI may also be able to assist with family packages for interested participants travelling as a family.


For inquiries or to request our assistance, email us at:

  • Please Note: All intending international participants must send their assistant request latest by Friday 01st June 2018.
  • All Participants are responsible for obtaining their own travel Visa to Ireland.



  • Our attention has been drawn to the activities of some unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of international events to make promises of VISA acquisition to unsuspecting persons. PLEASE NOTE that NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND (NCI) is never involved in the process of procuring VISAs for travelers. Therefore, any individual making promises to help you secure a travel visa in the name of NCI should be considered a Scammer.
  • NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND will not take responsibility for any lose incurred by any individual, group or organisation, as a result of their dealings with persons making promises of travel or visa.
  • All information about out events are readily available here on our website. If you require further information or clarification, you may email us with your inquiry at:

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