NCI 2017

NCI 2017 is expected to attract carnival participants from all over Ireland, Africa, Europe and beyond during the course of the week.

NCI 2017 will feature several International project partners participating, including:

  • Brouhaha International Festival from LIVERPOOL, UK
  • Vereniging KalentuRa from NETHERLANDS
  • Bombrando / Freguesia de Encosta do Sol from PORTUGAL
  • Associazione Enjoy from ITALY
  • Associacio Cultural XXL (3 Points) from SPAIN


NCI 2017 ACTIVITIES will include:

  • Youth Exchange
  • Mobility of youth workers and young people
  • Performing arts workshops/creative sessions;
  • Peer to peer group learning sessions;
  • Live performances;
  • Live presentations;
  • Sharing work in local community contexts
  • Networking and partnership building;
  • Developing multimedia and digital products;
  • Documenting and evaluating through on-line and digital capture;
  • Developing future collaborative work;
  • Street Parade;
  • Cultural workshops


Monday 14th August 2017
Venue: Kinlay House, Dublin 
Tuesday 15th August 2017
Theme Conference – Our Diversity shapes our Creativity  
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9 
3pm – 5pm
International Collaboration synergy – Our Diversity   
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9 
6pm – 9pm


Wednesday 16th August 2017
International Collaboration Synergy – Our Creativity 1 (Dance/Drums/Song/Theatrics) 
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9 
10am – 1pm
International Collaboration Synergy – Our Creativity 2 (Dance/Drums/Song/Theatrics) 
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9
1pm – 5pm


Thursday 17th August 2017
Carnival Parade 
Venue: The Plaza, Axis, Ballymun, Dublin 9
1pm – 3pm


Friday 18th August 2017
Nigerian Cultural Workshops (Head Gear/Naija Dressing/Gangan drumming/Tales by moonlight) 
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 9
10am – 1pm
International Cultural Workshops (Dance/Drums/Catching the train) 
Venue: Axis Arts Centre, Ballmun, Dublin 9
2pm – 5pm


Saturday 19th August 2017
Big Bang International Synergy Public Presentation 
Venue: Wolfetone Square, 23 Jervis Street,  Dublin 1
3pm – 4pm


Sunday 20th August 2017
International Food Fest and closing night 
Venue: Kinlay House, 2-12 Lord Edward Street, Dublin 2  
5pm – 8pm

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