NCI Youth Development Program

NIGERIAN CARNIVAL IRELAND (NCI) creates opportunities for, and brings together, young people from diverse backgrounds all across Europe who face cultural differences, social obstacles, economic obstacles, Geographical obstacles, and who are from low income neighborhoods, are unemployed, have experience of hate crime, are from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BME), as well as youth arts workers from minority backgrounds or who are working within inner-city multicultural community contexts.

These young people who previously would not have had the opportunity to engage with the arts in a meaningful way, are given the opportunity to:

  • connect with people from different cultures.
  • Take part in international mobility opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds of less opportunity.
  • Gain new competences and experiences of the use of the arts as a tool for combating societal issues.
  • Deepen knowledge, skills and attitude in order to better organize international youth arts engagement projects.
  • Build their skills through practical workshops, peer to peer work and partnership building activities.
  • Development their transversal and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Learn to deliver social/cultural action projects that empower them to engage in society as ‘positive change makers’.
  • Develop understanding of arts engagement practices that act as key tool for wider community and civil society development.

NCI Youth initiative is supported by organisations like Erasmus+ through the Youth Mobility  program, giving young people the opportunity to take part in cross country/cultural youth exchange programs.


In 2017, NCI‘s Youth Exchange Program was aimed at developing collaborative performing arts work that promotes, develops and conveys the key message of ‘Our diversity shapes our Creativity’ as well as presenting multicultural performance work within our annual event ‘Nigerian Carnival Ireland’, our community event which celebrates the multicultural and wider communities of Dublin.

In general our mobility project  saw the participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop and present collaborative performing arts work in public; deliver arts learning workshops as well as engage in exploring ideas for new projects within the Erasmus+ programme priority areas.

Through collaborative workshops supported by professional artists and within peer led sessions our project created work carried out that assisted in developing key skills and competencies, enabling young people to successfully develop carnival arts performance work (dance, music and costume making). Collaborative performance work were presented within our annual festival event CULTUREFEST Dublin, as well as workshops sessions and performances delivered within cultural and community venues across the City. Our arts learning methods were used as tools to modernize youth work and unlock and make relevant the sub priorities of Erasmus+ for young people from backgrounds of less opportunity.

At the end, participants gained the knowledge and skills needed to engage in the process of developing future projects, using ‘carnival arts’ as a tool to explore the programme priority areas.

2018 YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM: THEME: THE SIGHT AND SOUND OF DIVERSITY – Fighting Hate Crime through cultural action.

Our 2018 Youth Exchange Program is aimed at developing digital products and performing arts work that deal with hate crime. Through collaborative workshops supported by professional artists and within peer led sessions, our project will see creative actions carried out that assist in developing key skills and competencies, enabling young people to successfully develop cultural products (music, spoken word, dance, digital work) that offers counter narratives on issues of migration and immigration. Collaborative performance work will be presented at our large-scale festival event in Dublin, with the projects message reaching thousands of people as well as a number of workshop sessions delivered within different groups and organisations across Dublin.

In general our youth exchange project will see the participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to develop and present collaborative digital and performance work to the public; deliver arts education workshops as well as engage in exploring ideas for new projects in the future.


  • NCI has over the years developed its work  with young people into several areas of arts, including:
  • Festival
  • Theatre Arts
  • Carnival Arts
  • Fashion show
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Artists promotion
  • Community events
  • Recognition and Award
  • Drum/Dance Workshops
  • Capacity building projects
  • Nigerian Language School
  • International Collaborations
  • Youth Empowerment Training
  • Youth training & development projects
  • Youth cultural education and orientation
  • International Collaboration and partnership

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